Monday, January 10, 2011

Swim Season

High School Swim season is coming to an end and this last weekend Shayne had a great meet. It was against all of the regular Southern Utah Teams (Pine View, Desert Hills, Snow Canyon, Hurricane, Dixie, Cedar and Canyon View)plus Delta, Syracuse, Bountiful, Skyline and Copperhills. On Friday she swam the anchor leg of the medley relay and when she jumped in they were already 2 body lengths behind. She can make up some time but to win that would have taken a miracle. Then she swam the 200 I.M. and came in 2nd. On Saturday she swam the 100 Fly and took 2 seconds off of her best time and came in 2nd. Then the last event of the day she swam the first leg of the 400 Freestyle relay. Now when you swim the starting leg of any relay it counts towards your own personal time because they can time when you leave and when you hit the wall. All other legs cannot accurately be timed. So Shayne's 100 free was 1 second faster than her best. So, she ended up with 2 personal bests and 2 2nd places in a meet of 12 schools. AWESOME!
She only has 1 remaining home meet and it is this Friday the 14th at the Washington Rec Center and it's against Judge Memorial and Wasatch. So if you want to see her in action then that's the meet to go to. The meet after that is Region in Cedar City on the 20th & 21st. And then State is the first weekend in Feb at BYU. Joel and I are chaperoning again. I can't wait, it'll be so much fun! Thanks to my family taking the kids so we can be with the team. My kids love it too because they get to spend time with their Lehi cousins. This Friday's meet is the one where it finally hits the swimmers that the end is near. The last home meet for the Sr.'s and they get recognized and everyone cries. Shayne will be a mess. But not as bad as she will be next year. We'd all better enjoy it while we can. Time flies when you're having fun!

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