Tuesday, January 25, 2011

St. George 1/2 Marathon

So, Thursday and Friday were Region Swim and Saturday was the 1/2 marathon which Joel and John ran in and also our Stake Conference that I had to speak in. It was also the opening of Jan's play "All Shook Up". My parents came down to watch it all unfold. The 1/2 marathon started right at 9am and went passed Joellen's church at the other end of her block at mile marker 2. So we all walked down to see all 4,000 runners and cheer those we knew on. For Christmas we got shirts from Mike and Elaine that had a new Beckstrand logo on it that Jared had come up with. They are really cool and Joel and John's shirts were the dry-weave ones that runners wear. So we can all wear ours to cheer them on and so we can pick them out of the crowd of 4,000 runners. And it worked perfectly. You could see them 2 blocks away. After they ran by we waited about 50 minutes and went a block south of JoEllen's house across the street to the trail where the runners where passing mile marker 9. The kids loved giving everyone high 5's. Even Matty. She was so cute. Sophie was holding her and she would stick her little arm out as far as she could so people could slap her hand. It was so funny. We missed John because he was to fast for us but we saw Joel and others we knew. Then Sophie and I went down to the Dixie Center to see Joel finish. He finished in 1:49! He did a great job. He has been running almost every morning at the rec center and has helped John with his training for the Ironman in May. It was a gorgeous day for a run. Joel's next run is the Dam to dam relay that he and his Dad and brothers are doing. It'll be fun to watch! My talk went fine and Jan's play was so much fun to watch. It was a hilarious musical love story that had all Elvis music in it. They did an amazing job as usual.

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