Sunday, January 2, 2011


Joel and I rang the New Year in twice once at 9pm and then again at midnight. Around 7:30 we went with JoEllen and Kyle to McArthur's RV Park to their Rockin' New Year's Eve Party! Surprisingly we weren't the youngest ones there. But if it weren't for the McArthur family we would have been. Ira McArthur's Dad started the RV Park 25 year's ago and now Ira is running it. He is amazing with the retiree's that live there and throws one heck of a good party. We danced and played bingo and danced and played more bingo and had a great count down at 9pm with balloons and glitter falling from the ceiling. It was really fun. I hope we get invited back next year. Then we went back to JoEllen's where we had left the kids up to no good and broke out a board game called Wits and Wagers. Joel won and I lost. It was Jillyn's game and I'll need to find it somewhere and buy it because it was really fun and the kids loved it. We ate everything you can think of and we even popped some popcorn that our neighbor gave us for Christmas. She gave us 3 cobs and told us to put them in a brown paper bag and microwave them and it really worked. But they were plain so Kyle buttered and salted the cob to see if it'd work and it did! It was so funny. Then we played Just Dance 2 on the Wii and made complete idiots of our selves. It was AWESOME! The next 3 hours flew by and we counted down again at midnight, popped poppers and went home. It was really the funnest New Year's I've had in a long time. Thanks McArthurs' and Wells'.


Luke said...
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Luke said...


Glad you liked Wits & Wagers so much! You can get it at Target or on their website. Locally owned game stores would have it as well.

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