Tuesday, July 1, 2014

1st Swim Meet of the Summer!

OK...here we go.  Year #3 for Sophie I think, #2 for Ben and the first swim meet ever for Josh and David.  Scary!  But fun.  
Here is David's first dive.  It needs a little practice.  This was his freestyle relay.  He did great.

 Ben started his relay before I could get a picture of him but look how much further ahead he is of the other teams when he touched the wall.  John is his coach and was excited that they ended up winning especially after a lead like that.

Josh's first start.  He did great and stayed right up with the kid next to him.

 Ben's a pro.  Here's his start for his Fly.

Here's Josh's Fly.  He did it!  I was so impressed that he actually even tried.  We've been trying to get him to swim for the last 4 years but he hasn't wanted to.  But he's a natural.

 Next was the backstroke and ALL of them are excellent backstrokers!

David won by a lot.  He flipped over right at the end because he didn't know how far away from the wall he was.  He hadn't learned what the flags were for or what his stroke count was at this point.
 Next was Ben.  He kicks everyone's butt in Backstroke.  He is the backstroker on his relay team and they are impossible to beat. 

 See how much further he is?  You can't even see the other teams!

Next was Josh.  Backstroke is definitely his stroke.  I've never seen anyone go as straight as he does.  Right down the center of the lane!  It was awesome.  He doesn't bounce like Shayne and Sophie do either.  He will go far in this stroke especially if he can learn to flip turn and start off the wall quicker.

Sophie loves backstroke.  She's a bobber like her sister but they can sure go fast.

 This was David's IM.  Yep. He did it.  I couldn't believe that they even signed him up for it.  I was reluctant to sign him up for the swim team because when he did the Shac Tri we had to sign him up for the smaller one because he couldn't make 100m in the bigger one.  Even just doing a 50m he had to hold onto the side of the pool at the end and use it to get done.  But with swim team he'd only have to do a 25m so I enrolled him.  I was shocked to hear that he was signed up for the IM and was super worried.  I didn't even know if he knew all the strokes.  He surprised everyone and did a great job.  He took 1st place!  Mainly because he was the only boy his age who did it.  Here's another wonderful dive...

 Here are Krissia and Bradie cheering him on with Sophie.  All of these coaches are awesome!

Here's Sophie's IM.  Ben and Josh swam the butterfly instead of the IM.
  Her starts are usually fast but she tends to go straight down in.  I talked to John about it and he said that he'd work on it with her. She had never done an IM before and was also worried about her breast stroke because her kick usually would get her disqualified.  But she did a beautiful job and went really fast.  Sophie even said after that she'd like to do it again.  Shayne will be so happy!

More coaches (and Josh) now cheering on Sophie.  Sophie is a great cheerleader like Shayne was.  It's important to have someone at the end of your lane cheering you on.  This was her fly.

Her back and breast stroke.

Then freestyle home and she WON!

Here is David's 25 Free.  They had the kids start at the opposite side on the pool and I think he liked that dive better.  It wasn't so far up.

First Place!

Here is Josh's start on his 50 Free.  He has a great dive.
And this was Josh's Medley relay.  They had him do the backstroke because he was the best at it.

This was a great start to a super fun summer!

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