Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mr. & Mrs. Bonner

Ashley and Casey got married!

This was all of hanging outside the Timp Temple until they came out.

Here they are as husband and wife... Casey and Ashley Bonner.

 Of course there were pictures...I'm sure someone has an entire group picture but I never saw it.  If I see if I'l add it on here.

 Then off to the reception where all the teens were supposed to have a job.  Some did there's...

Some didn't.

Paula catered it.  There were 25+ different kinds of desserts.  It was amazing.  

Jan made Ashley's dress and cake.  Both masterpieces.


Here is the cutting of the cake.  Grandpa has the perfect place for a wedding cake, on his wishing well.

When is was time for Ashley to throw the bouquet.  Julia came up to me and said, "So help me, if there are any 13 year olds with braces in there, they're goin' down!"  So I made the announcement that you had to be graduated from high school in order to be eligible to catch the bouquet.  That made her happy and she only hit 2 people to when she caught it.  It was awesome! 

 Then Casey threw the garter and his brother Jade who's Sophie's friend caught it.  It was funny.  I hurried and loudly announced that because he caught it he wasn't allowed to date Sophie this year.

Mr. Videographer of the evening caught on film.  Are they called videographer since there isn't a video persay?  Or are they now DVDgraphers?  And when someone take a picture of you are you caught on film or just in memory?  

He even got 2 seconds to put down the camera to eat something but then he picked it right back up.

Then the dancing started.  The Daddy daughter dance and then everyone got their groove on.  Andy's pants almost fell off of him.  I was told that he had lost 310 pounds to date.  His clothes are way to big.
 Here is the youngest girl of the Shelton Clan.  Miss Brynn.  Smelling one of grandma's flowers.

Here go the happy couple off on a beautiful life together.  Everyone blew bubbles all over them.  They gave their final hugs and got into their decorated car and drove off.

Here's Brynn all cleaned up and ready for bed.  She came out to say goodnight as we were cleaning up.  She's such a cutie.  Thank goodness for technology so all of the cousins can stay in touch.
It was a beautiful event starting from Casey and Ashley receiving their endowment here in the St. George Temple, getting married in the Timp Temple, having a gorgeous backyard reception at grandma and grandpa Shelton's and then the next weekend they came back down here for an Open House at the Bonner church for all of their friends and family who couldn't make it up north.  It was nice.  You could tell that they were done and ready relax and go home by the end of the night last night.  They are a super cute couple.  It'll be fun to watch them grow together.

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