Sunday, July 27, 2014

Swim Team Championships!

Every summer there is an end of season Championship Meet between us, Fredonia, Mesquite and  Hurricane.  There is one HUGE trophy that gets passed around and the team the wins gets their name carved into the a little plaque on the bottom of it.  Fredonia had won the last 5 years in a row.  Well this year we had the worlds best coaches that not only taught our kids what they needed but loved them and gave them the confidence to achieve their goals.  We WON!  It was awesome.  Friday was preliminaries for all the races and finals for all of the relays.  All of my kids got medals for their relay teams.  Here is a list of all of the prelim results.   I got some pictures of the pages they posted outside of who would be returning for finals the next day.  They took the top 6 because we only have 6 lanes.  Ben and Josh we alternates for 2 events because they took 7th or 8th.  So close.  That would have counted in a normal pool.  I didn't take a lot of pictures at this meet.  Instead I took video.  But my computer isn't wanting to download any of it. 

Here is the list of the finals.  David didn't make it on any of his events and he was super sad.  He took 4th in his Freestyle and Medley relay and 10th in both his Butterfly with a time of 31.57 and backstroke with a 31.31.
Ben ended up with 2nd place in his Freestyle relay, 1st in his Medley relay, 2nd in Backstroke with a time of 47.09 and 5th in Freestyle with a 38.25.
Josh took 2nd in both Freestlye and Medley relays and 4th in Breastroke with a time of 48.27.
Sophie also took 2nd in both her Freestyle and Medley relay and also in her Backstroke with a time of 1:20.13.  She took 3rd in the IM with a 1:22.00 and 4th in the Free with a 31.70. 
Just a quick side note that all of my kids were asked to swim the backstroke in the medley relay.  Pretty cool.

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