Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sophie's Sweet 16!

We pretty much celebrated her birthday over the entire weekend so come Monday she opened birthday gifts and then that night she went out with her friends.  She got the Lego movie and an Elephant, 3 pairs of shoes, a lime green outfit with an owl necklace, 4 new swimsuits and some Bungee cords for her goggles, a dry erase piggy bank that has goggles and a dry erase board for her locker for school so she can remind herself of stuff to do.  But most of all she got an 1992 Oldsmoblie Alero.  It's old and used but runs great.  It's hers until Shayne gets home (about 80 days) then they can fight for it.  Josh will have his drivers permit by then too so it'll be a bloody battle.

 Her friend Brianna decided to decorate it that morning.  So Joel had to take her down to get her drivers license on his motorcycle.  She's official!  Watch out!

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