Tuesday, October 28, 2014

5th Ward Luau

Welcome to the 5th Ward Luau!  We had it on Sept 20th and it was amazing thanks to Miller's and the Kahanu's.  Ray borrowed all of Pine View High School's Grad Night decorations and Sarah and the youth hung them up.  Ray helped too.  The Kahanu's were able to get a pig to bury in the ground and the young men helped pull it when it was done.  Here are the pictures of that.

Then they brought it back to the church and pulled all the meat off of it.

We were glad that George slept over the night before so he could stick around and help us out.  This is Ephraim Kahanu telling them exactly what to do.  Thank goodness.

"Can I just be the first one to say EWW!"  name the movie.

Anyone for snout?

So here was the gym as we decorated.

And here it was that night.  As you walked in you were welcomed with this beautiful sight and took a lei.  The Kahanu's showed a video about the different islands and then the dinner was started with Josh blowing his conch shell at the top of the room, the front of the room and at the door as he left the room to signify the gathering, welcoming and good wishes to you when you leave.  Then we ate.  We were supposed to have some ladies come teach some hula dances but they never showed up.  So we all made up our own fun.

Here's Joel and the Jackson's.  And below is Alex playing with Sophie's Ukulele, still kind out of it, like he's just visiting here from the Philippines.   He'd only been home from his mission for a couple weeks.

Here is Sister Val Kahanu, Ephraim's mom, serving up some delicious food with a spirit of Aloha smile on her beautiful face.

The food was great and the lines were loong.  So brother Monnett played his steel guitar to keep us all entertained.  It was really nice.

Here are some of my favorite people standing in line.

Especially these two!!

Here are the Cluffs.  Always were the food is.  Daniel was first in line like always.

And Sophie with her favorite twin Abby. 

David wanted me to take his picture next to HIS tree.  He put it all together, all by himself.  Sarah said it was pretty hard for her to do and she was pretty proud of him.  He was pretty proud of himself.

And here's what you get when you finally have kids that are all grown up enough to pay attention in a picture.

Ray and Sarah still have a couple years until they get a picture like that.  But thanks so much Millers, for all your hard work!!!  You two rock!!!

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