Thursday, October 30, 2014

Beckstrand/Hess Get Together

Because Morgun and Shayne came home the same day and Conference was coming up, their mission homecoming talks were on the same Sunday and it was going to be hard for people to go to both of them, so Saturday the 27th of September we got together at the Sienna Hills Park with all of the Hess' and had both of the tell a little about their missions.  It was great to see all of the Hess boys that had come to town from California and Arizona.  I got a lot of flack for taking these pictures but I just want all of you who complained to just see #1 How cute they all turned out and #2 That because of me and this blog our ancestors will actually know you!  They'll know your personality, your shape of your eyes, your style in clothes and everything else that we wish we knew about our past ancestors.  So there!  I don't care if it bugs you.  I don't care if you hate it.  I am still going to do it because it matters.  Just warning you.  And for those future generations who are reading this years and years from're welcome.  Here are Chase, Sophie and Emma.  Ashley was at a basketball game.  And here's Josh.  Josh is stuck in the middle of all of those girls. 

 Here are Josh and Grandma Elaine and Holly and Kellie.

 Joel and Adam

Joel and Adam photo-bombing Brian and Matthew holding Otto.

Edie, Taylor, Carol Nan and a friend.

 Kaleah and Allyssa.  Our two newest girls.

 Left to right: James friend Sara (I think), James, Daniel's friend Trent, Megan, Daniel, Shayne, Jennifer, John and Grandpa Beckstrand

Erica, Debra, Angey, Mandy and Kellie with Jacob in the background.

Joel and his buddy Otto!
                                                                            Here's Brian Phelps, Jared, Michael and Morgun.

Erica & Mandy and Taye and David.

 Mary and Mandy, Erica and Luke.

 We all brought our own dinner and then had these two report.  It was great.

Taylor also got up because she leaves in a couple weeks for her mission.  Morgun's homecoming will also be her farewell.  Then the Hess boys walked their dad Wes back to the van and we all cleaned things up and headed out.  It was a great time and a wonderful memory that we'll always have with the cousins.

Thanks Shayne and Morgun for all your great service and wonderful examples to us all!

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