Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Here comes the Ironman!!

This year we decided to volunteer in many different ways.  We started with stuffing packets.  The Wednesday before the Ironman we went down to St. George Town Center and actually unstuffed the backpacks from the Oceanside 70.3 that was a couple months earlier.  We took everything out and separated them, saved the items that were to be put back into them and threw away everything else. 
 Then we jumped into the assembly line and started where Jalee would unzip a bag for us and then we'd take it and go down the line and stuff one of everything into it.
 Once your backpack was full you put it in the bin and Josh would trade the full bin out for an empty one.
  There were a lot of papers so a lady asked Sophie to make little stacks of each of them so we could just pick up one stack instead of wasting time doing them individually.  It actually did speed things up. 
  Sophie, Josh and I had to leave early to head up to Cedar for a water polo game but before I left a camera crew came around and I said, "You should take a picture of this Ironman stuffing his own packet!"  Then we started to walk off.  Next thing I know they called me back to interview me about him!  It was awesome.  I doubt they'll use it in anything but it was fun for them to recognize him.  They did show him stuffing packets in a small video about the Ironman but it wasn't the interview. 
 I think we'll do this again next year.  It only took a couple hours and it was actually fun to see what went into it.  I wish we could have stayed to help out a little longer.  But this was just the start of many things to come.

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