Friday, May 1, 2015

T2 and IRONKIDS!!!

So for the Water Polo teams fundraiser they volunteered to help out at the T2 station on Friday to help the athletes set up the things they needed at their station after they transition from their bikes to running.  As they came in our kids were supposed to stop them and make sure they had their number on their bag.  If they didn't then they had a big black marker that they were supposed to write it on with.  Then they answered any questions they had and directed them to their spot.  Josh and Josh Lemmon where out in the transition area to also help with any questions that athletes might have.

We left those guys there and I ran Joel out to T1 at the lake to drop off his bike.  It was amazing to see all of those bikes.  Millions of dollars of bikes all sitting there.

Then we went back, picked up Ben, David and Riley and headed to help out with the Iron Kids race.  Firefighter Rob was there with the little kids.  He was awesome.  He has run 13of the 70.3 Ironman races in his full uniform to help raise money for the firefighters.  The little kids love him!  Josh Riley and Josh Lemmon were crowd control.  They felt important.

 Josh started talking to this kid that he recognized from one of the cross country teams from up north who's dad was running the next day.  His little brother was running the Ironkids.  This part of the Ironkids was for the little tiny kids who couldn't run a whole mile/  It was only 200 meters.  After it was done then they started the older kids 1 mile run.  Kalo's little boy ran it.  It was cute.

For the bigger kids they started them in the finsh line, made them go down a couple blocks, up a couple blocks and around to the finish line.  Ethan Kochel, the water polo coaches son, WON!

This is them taking off and the next are picture we took while we were waiting for them to get back.

Here is Ethan and then David.

Then Ben.  David is a much faster sprinter than Ben but Ben can out last him.  David is me and Ben is Joel.

They had a lot of fun running and we had a lot of fun helping.

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