Sunday, May 10, 2015

David's Golden Birthday

Number 9 on the 9th!!  When this happens, David calls it your Golden Birthday. 
He got a lot of fun things like, bow ties, a DVD, jerky, a batting helmet and bat tape, a bat bag, whiffle balls, new clothes and another RC truck even though he just got one for Christmas.  I personally hate these things because they use them that day and never again but he said he never uses his Christmas one because he doesn't have another one to race it against.  So there you go.  Who can argue with that logic.

Later on that day we picked up the Wells kids and went golfing. 

As you can see they all cheated like crazy.  But they did have a fun time and that's all that matters.

Good Lookin' Group!

On our way back to our house we stopped by DQ and picked up an ice cream cake.  David was super happy.

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