Saturday, April 25, 2015


Easter was Awesome!  Ever since the ward split we have been flooded with love from ward members!  It's been fun.  We were "Egged" TWICE!  Once in the front yard and then a couple days later on the side yard.  It was so much fun.  David and Ben loved it! The first time there were cute saying about things they liked about our  family inside and one egg left empty to represent the empty tomb of Jesus Christ.  David found that one and was super excited.
For FHE we colored eggs before we went up north.  It was a mass of chaotic fun, per the norm.
This year I found this adorable sticker set.

These are the ones Josh dropped.  I think he did it on purpose so he could decorate more of them.

Up in Lehi JoEllen had this awesome way to decorate a cake with Twizzlers.  It was super cute.  She made cupcake and let the kids all decorate their own.

Then we lined all the grandkids up to see who was the tallest.  Here are the boys.  Sophie is shorter than George and Shayne would be between George and Josh. 

But then we noticed that Sophie's hips where a lot lower than everyone else. So we made them sit down and see who was taller sitting down.  Sophie moved way up the line and C.J. moved way down.  Jake (Mr. Well Proportioned) was still top dog.  I wonder if Sophie breaking her leg when she was 8 had anything to do with her legs being so short.  As you can see, Josh is still having hip problems.  He is in a little pain in this picture just trying to get his legs to go this straight.  So this picture is Head Height.

This one was according to Leg Length.  Sophie is next to David.  She's a munchkin.

Funny stuff!  Almost 5 years difference.

After the great Easter Egg Hunt.  15 of the 23 Grandkids!
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for all the fun stuff!!

The next morning we did Easter baskets and listened to Conference.  It was awesome!
Of course we had to have a Cracking Contest.  Dad won of course.  I'm pretty sure the winning egg says Lakers on it.

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