Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Shamrock Your Socks Off!

The Shamrock Your Socks Off 10K and Sophie's Preference Dance were both on March 21st.  The 10K was in Ivins and started up in Snow Canyon and ended up on Main Street at the LDS Chapel.  It was a gorgeous day.  Joel, Josh and George (George came to watch) had all driven up on the Red Rock bus with John and I stayed home to make sure that Ben and David got off to their soccer games.  Thanks to Sophie and Shayne for watching those for me.  Then I drove up to Ivins to the end of the race just in time to catch the first runners come across the line.  It was fun.  There weren't very many spectators.  As the young runners came across I stopped them and asked them how old they were.  They first boy I talked to said 15.  Danggit!  That means Josh wasn't going to win his age group.  About 1 minute later another kid came across that looked like he could be 18 so I asked him and he said he was 23.  Good!  He laughed and said why, so I told him and we actually talked for a minute.  Then I saw him.  JOSH!  In his neon yellow DSU Midnight 5K shirt.

Then about 3 minutes later Joel came across the line!  He is in his Dodge blue.

I love this picture at the end of every race.

So after looking at their results we realized that Josh did indeed take 2nd place in his age group!  44th overall out of 347.  43:47.5  Last year there were 700 people.  I love that you can see us in the picture.

Joel took 22nd in his age group and 91st overall.  Pretty good!  48:33.4

So when they called Josh up they gave him a bag and a pair of green socks, that at the time we thought were just nice.  He wore them later to his soccer game and we got a closer look at them and they were REALLY nice.

Here he is with the 1st and 3rd place winners.  The 3rd place kid is one of Joel's from Red Rock.

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