Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pine View Preference

Sophie asked Irie Jeremiah to Preference back at State Swim in Provo.  She thought it'd be cute since they are on the swim team together.  She was right.  It was darling.

She and a couple of the other girls blew up a bunch of balloons and put pieces of paper in them that spelled out her name or said try again.  The boys had fun popping the balloons and trying to figure it out.

A month later when the dance finally rolled around, this was the only picture I got because it was a girls choice dance and they had to go pick up the boys.  Sad.  But luckily one of the dads took pictures at the Old Opera House on Main St. in St. George and posted them on Facebook so I could steal them. Aren't Sophie and Brianna so pretty!

They had this super cute bike there as a prop and Sophie took full advantage of it.  At one point Irie thought he was going to fall, but he didn't.

Then they had a murder mystery dinner.  Sophie said it was a lot of fun.   I have no idea what Irie is doing in this picture.  Then they went to the dance and had a great time.  Apparently Irie is a great dancer.  His mom must have taught him some moves because Sophie said he dipped her more than once!  Awesome!

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