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SHAC TRI 2015!!!!

Spring has sprung and the racing has begun!  In other's that time of year again.  Of course the elite athletes went first.

Joel went in the water first, then George, then Josh and they came out the opposite.

Henry was there too!  Brad and Ashley and my parents were all down and were able to watch them race.  It was really fun to have them see what these guys do.

The triathlons between George and Josh have always been a good competition.  They both sit and look at each others strengths and see where they can pull ahead of the other.  Depending on the season it changes as to what they are better in.  Like right now George is doing track so his running is strong but he hasn't been in the water since last summer swim team.  Josh on the other hand has been doing water polo and his swimming is at the best it's ever been.  So, we were all anxious to see who would have the better time.  Last year they both took first in their age group but George had a better time overall.  This year Josh was determined to beat him.

A couple days after the race the web site will have the official times posted on it so you can see how well you really did and where you need to improve.  Well, Josh's swim was the FASTEST swim time of EVERYONE!  AWESOME! Water polo has really paid off.

Then off to transition.  Last year Josh was so worried about George beating him that he didn't dry off his feet and then when he tried to put his socks on they were taking to long so he just kept them off, put his shoes on and left.  BIG mistake!  He got huge blisters on both feet.  So this year he made sure to put his socks on.

Joel had a good swim and gave it his all.

Sophie helped him with his transition which is his slowest part of the race.

Josh kept his lead.

Then Joel and George came in close together.

Here are some great pictures of Josh not quite having his running legs yet.
The look on his face in this one is priceless.  He knew that he about went down.

These next two pictures are crazy.  Because they are of Josh when he is 10 years older, 6 inches taller and has 30 more pounds of muscle on himself.  This is my college Josh not my teen Josh.

Joel came in before George and George left before Joel.

On the run they had to do two laps so, here is Josh at the turn around point.

Then George

Then Joel

I wasn't there to see any of this because Ben and Davis both had soccer games.  So these pictures were taken by Sophie and Shayne.  Thanks girls!  Also a big thanks to my parents and Brad and Ashley for cheering them on!  Josh passed by, then George, then Joel.  Then Josh passed back turned around and George hi-fived him.  Then George passed by Joel and so on and so forth.  No one really passed up anyone.  They stayed in the same order but because the race was an out and back it made it fun for the spectators to watch.

 Coming down the home stretch!

Josh was 31st overall out of 217, 27th male!  He went a 1:07.30   Swam 5:57 #1 transition was 2:12, Biked 35:14, #2 transition was .21 seconds and ran 23.47.  He was disappointed in his run.  He was hoping for at least a 21.

George was 46th overall.  37th male. Had a time of 1:10.44.  Swam a 7:48.  #1 transition was 1:52. Biked in 35.31.  #2 transition was .49 seconds and ran in 24.44.  Awesome!

Joel was 68th overall. 49th male. Had a time of 1:14.02.  Swam in 9:57. #1 transition was 2:18. Biked a 33:27.  #2 transition was 1:15 and ran a 27.05.  Really good job!

While we were waiting to see if they had won in their age group JoEllen was showing Brad her new braces.

Josh ended up getting 2nd place in his age group. 

George got 1st in his age group.  Next year they will be in the same age group.

Next were the girls and Shayne and  Sophie were bound and determined to beat each other this year.

Somehow we talked Katie and Sarah into joining us and Sarah talked her dad into joining her.  Misery loves company!

Katie was in the water first, then Shayne and Sophie.  Shayne was out first then Sophie and Katie.  Sarah and her dad stayed as far away from us as they possibly could.  This is Shayne in the black and pink cap and Sophie has the yellow mustache on hers.

Here they are in transition #1.  They went shopping for new running clothes and bought the same tank tops not knowingly.  So they are both pink.  The only difference is that Sophie had two braids in her hair and Shayne only has one.  Otherwise it's hard to tell them apart.

Shayne was ready first and out of there.  I love the picture with Brad up on the wall cheering them on and if you look close, Josh is taking pictures behind them.

Here is the picture that Josh got of her leaving.  Cool huh?  I always feel like we are our own camera crew at this event because everyone takes pictures of everyone and then I get to sort through them.  It's awesome.

So here I am standing up further in the gate so that I can get the next picture of her getting on her bike and taking off.

My picture.  Joel giving her last minute advise.
More cool pictures.  The first one if Josh's of Sophie taking her bike off the rack.  The second one of her running out is mine.  You can see Josh in the background.  The third one of her running passed me is Josh's.

Here is Katie is transition.

And off she goes.  We didn't get any pictures of Sarah because from here we run up to the road to take pictures of them on their bikes. 

Shayne rode Josh's bike and did a great job.

Here is Katie.

We bought Sophie a new road bike and it helped her time a lot.

The spectators were loving it.
Shayne hit the transition, dumped her bike and took off running.

Katie took a little longer to get ready to run.

Here is Sophie dropping off her bike and taking off on the run.

This guy tried to beat Shayne across the finish line.  It was hilarious.
Shayne finished first in out group and came in 18th overall out of 71 and 7th in the women.  Her time was 46:01.  She swam a 2:55!  #1transition was 2:11.  Bike 21.34 . #2 transition was.24 seconds and her run was 18.57

Katie came in after Shayne with an overall time of 47:12.  She was 23rd and the 10th woman.  She swam a 5:50.  #1 transition was 2:40.  Biked a 12:17.  The time they had down for her #2 transition and her run were wrong but she still did a great job.

Sophie was 35th overall and the 16th woman.  She swam a 3:28.  #1 transition was 2:51.  Biked a 23.56.  #2 transition was .33 seconds and ran a 19.08!  She was awesome!
Sarah was 13th overall and 4th in the womens!!!  Her time was 45:10.  Her swim was 7:31.  #1 transition was 2:51.  Bike 20.54. #2 transition was 21 seconds and her runs was only 13.34!

This is Katie's little girl Salem.  We were watching her while she competed.  For some reason babies LOVE Sophie.

The little kids were awesome once again!   The all did such a great job.  It so much fun to watch them.  This year David went in the water first with Evan and Emily right behind him.  Then Ben followed.  Evan and Emily were even in the same lane.  Emily popped out first, then Ben and David and Evan got out at the same time.  Here's Matty asking when it's her turn.

Here are Emily and Evan swimming right next to each other.
Here is David.  He is use to swimming breast stroke and backstroke so he did a length of each of those.

Here are shots of everyone coming out. 

These two were so cute!

They all scrambled to get ready to bike.  Joel helped my kids and George helped his siblings.

Emily was out first.  Then Ben, David and Evan.

So Ben was the first one back, followed by Emily.

Next thing I knew I saw David walking his bike on the sidewalk.  His chain had fallen off and he couldn't get it back on.  So George and I ran over to help him and sure enough it was good and stuck.  So he had to just run it the rest of the way into the transition station.  Evan even stopped on his bike to see if he could help.  He's such a good kid.  Later he said that last year that happened to him and he remembered how it felt and he didn't want David to feel like that. 

Ben was quite a bit ahead by this point but we weren't going to let him know it.  He parked him bike and took off on the run.

At one point we told Ben that Emily was catching up to him and he hurried and turned his head to look and then started laughing and knew that we where teasing him. 

George thought he'd cool Emily off with some water but it just made her mad.

Then he pour something on Evan thinking it was water but when it came out blue he remembered that he had put Gatorade in his water bottle.  Evan still thought it felt good.  Sticky but cold.

Ben was 17th out of 52 overall which is awesome.  He was the 11th boy to finish.  He swam in 2:28.  #1 transition was 2:39 - longer than his swim.  He biked in 9:15.  #2 transition was .16 seconds and he ran in 7:27.

Emily was 23rd overall and the 9th girl!!!  Woo Hoo!  Good job Em!  Her time was 23.20.  She swam a 2:07 which was the fastest of all of the kids.  #1 transition was 2:08.  Biked in 11:23.  #2 transition took her .13 seconds and she ran in 7:29.
David was 36th overall and the 20th boy.  His time was 24:37.  He swam a 3:12.  #1 transition was 2:15.  Biked in 12:52 eve with a broken chain!  #2 transition was only .06 seconds because he was so frustrated with his bike that he just dropped it and ran off.  And his run was an amazing 6:12!  That's where he caught up and passed Evan.  He made up more than two minutes on his run.  Which is truly incredible when you know that it was only 3/4 of a mile.

Last but not least was Evan with a great time of 25:52.  He was 38th overall and 22nd in boys.  His swim was 3:05. #1 transition was 2:02.  Bike 12:19.  #2 transition was .24 seconds and he ran in 8:02!  Look at the smile on that kids face!

Sophie went over to tell David good job.  He was still a little disappointed in his bike.

They all did such an amazing job.  It so much fun to watch them.  More cousin memories.

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