Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Marathon #6!

It's that time of year again!  A family trip up to the Wells' cabin to carbo load for the marathon has become a huge tradition.  It finally feels complete now that Spencer was there too.  It was his first and he was nervous but it didn't show until around 10pm after most all of the families had left and the runners where getting ready for bed.  The runners this years were: Kyle, Spencer, Mason & Mandi, Charles, Joel, Brian, John & Kristal and Kent Page, his wife and 10 year old daughter.  JoEllen stayed overnight to drive them to the finish line.  Had I had known that Spencer was planning on giving both he and Mason a bag of saline in the morning before they ran I would have stayed and hooked them up myself.   Spencer came with a port already to go. Here is Joel's picture from his camera.  Notice the awesome IV "Hanger" on the curtains.

Here are Brian and Joel checking out the starting line before we headed up to the Wells cabin.

This is the adults watching the BYU vs Aggies game while the kids played Ghost in the Graveyard outside.
Look at Spencer!  I just barely notice that right this very second!  HAHAHA!
Spence was a little nervous so we had some fun taking pictures.  This one was by far the best.

They all did get!  the times went like this:
John:  3:19.52
Mandi:  3:18.42
Charles:  3:46.47
Kristal: 3:45.25
Brian: 3:50.40
Kyle:  4:00.35
Joel:  4:01.57
Mason:  4:19.33
Spencer: 4:41.59
I'm not sure how well Kent and his family did. 

Here is John at the finish line.

Here is JoEllen yelling at Kyle for sprinting the last 2 miles so he could make in under 4 minutes wich he almost did but she didn't get to see him cross the finish line.
Here are the "WE DID IT" pictures after they were done.
Here are my friends Mike and Jenny Godwin.  I had no idea they were even running until I saw them in the runners pen after.

Charles, Paula and kids and Spencer, Shana and kids.

 Mason, Many and kids and Kyle, JoEllen and kids.
Here are all the kids scarffing down the doughnuts and chocloate milk I brought for them while they
waited for their dads.

One of my favorite pictures.  Jillynn and her boys.  I'm sure Scott was there too and just as proud as she was.  Good job guys!

Here is Shayne on the phone with her bishop.  Stay tuned for that post next.

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JoEllen said...

You wrote that Kyle was trying to get in under 4 minutes instead of 4 hours and you didn't note that I wasn't yelling because he was fast, I was yelling because he blacked out at the finish line because he ran fast. He is usually better at listening to his body, and I am mad I didn't get THAT picture! And I assisted Dr. Spencer just fine that morning with the IVs.