Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DIXIE Homecoming!

This week was Homecoming week and this year Kyle's midnight 5K was haunted!  We had the regulars run it: Mason, Mandy, Spencer, Joel, John, Brian and JoEllen even ran it.   But this year Shana, Drew and George ran it for the first time and did an awesome job! 

 Shayne and Sophie helped me direct traffic on the course and I tried to get pictures of everyone running but it was dark and they were to fast so they all turned out like this:

We also has the homecoming p-raid.  Which meant Sophie marching with the band!  This year she was playing her purple piccolo.

 Here are the PomPom Heads.  They passed out pompoms to all the kids sitting along the parade route.  Here are Jack and David.  2 peas in a pod. 
 Evan, David, Seth, Drew, Laynee, Matty, Drew's friend and Jack.
 Emily and George were in the parade with the College Swim team.  Sophie was not to far in front of them and was going to try to find them after she got done marching to get in with them but by the time she found them they were done. 
After it was over we all went to find Kyle at the alumni house tailgate party where we had hamburgers and hotdogs.  More fun memories!

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