Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Flag Football

David and his friends all wanted to sign up for flag football this year because they were finally in 1st grade and old enough to actually play.  The problem was that the MOMs (me included) signed up really, really late.  So late in fact that all three kids were on a team with kids from another elementary and they knew none of them.  But that hasn't stopped them.  They have loved every minute of it. 

I'm not sure what Owen's face is doing in this one.  A super serious smile?
The rules for blocking are: arms crossed in front at all times.
Takin' a knee
This is Taiven pulling the quarterbacks flag. It was awesome! He did it every time even if the the QB didn't have the ball!
The best fans EVER!


Owen with the kick.  He is a great kicker and kicked it every game.  I just got a picture of the worst one.  Sorry.
David taking the snap!

Run! David! Run!

Ben on the other hand did NOT want to play but when I told him that David and the other two were playing he decided to play.  Again the problem was the timing.  The team he was on was also kids from the other elementary and no one had time to be the coach.  So Joel volunteered.  He has always wanted to coach the boys in something and now was his chance.  So he got Brian to sign Taye up and be the assistant coach.  We also got Nick, a friend of Ben's, to sign up so there were at least 2 other kids he knew on the team.  It has been great.  Come to find out that Ben has a great kick.  We knew he could kill a soccer ball on a drop kick but a football off a tee is a little different.  Lots of fun!

Go Eagles!

Ben with the catch!
Taye on the front line.
Nick and Ben

Coach of the year!
Last game of the season and it was COLD!

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