Tuesday, October 30, 2012


 Our family traditions (Halloween doughnut and Christmas cookie party) seem to follow Jan.  Well Jan moved so we combined the 2 of them and had a Halloween Cookie Party at JoEllen's house.  It was really fun.  Andy, Sarah, Parker, Miles and Brynn were there.  It was our first time seeing Brynn.  She's a doll.
 JoEllen even made witch fingers out of chocolate but George and Kyle used there for picking instead of eating.

 Miles just likes the frosting. 

So much talent in the family!  It's to bad we can't put it to better use.  Oh well, more fun memories made.

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Ashley said...

I have been in the family for 5 years now (ok, I inculded the time we spent dating so techinically I wasn't in the family yet for some of those years...) and I have yet to attend a cookie party OR a donut party! What the? Don't you people know how much I love cookies and donuts?! I love them! We need to have a party next time we come to town! :)