Tuesday, October 30, 2012


 Here they are!!!  The 2012 Beckstrand Pumpkins minus Shayne's.  Hers is later.

 First is David's.  We carved his the night before at the neighborhood party.  It turned out so cool.  Then Ben's vampire is next.  He was being a vampire for Halloween so he wanted a vampire pumpkin.

This beauty is mine and thanks to an idea on Pinterest I just used my super cute cookie cutter and a hammer.  It was the fastest carving I've ever done!

Joel's pumpkin was awesome lit up!

These are Sophie's that took her FOREVER! and Josh's that he also did at the party the night before.
 Both are awesome!  Josh's went with our spider theme this year. 


In fact right before the party I went to Harmon's to get bread bowls and these lovely's were on clearance.  I wish they had more of them I would have bought them all!  Notice the cool full moon!


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