Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Wouldn't you know it?  Shayne's Mission Call came on Halloween at 11:30a.m.  She went to the mail and called me.  Joel was already home waiting for the mailman with her.  He left to go pick up Josh and Sophie and I picked up the two little boys from the elementary and met them all at home.  Shayne didn't want a ton of people around when she opened it.  In fact at first she was just going to open it by herself at the mailbox but then she figured nothing would get blogged about it if there weren't any pictures. (true)  So her next plan was to get it and call me to meet her at Joel's work so the three of us could be together when she read it.  But that didn't fly with Sophie and Josh.  Ben and David didn't really care.  But now that it came on Halloween we needed to get them out too because I needed to help them get in their costumes and ready for their class parties.  So it was all of us and Zack.  Zack is like a little brother to Shayne.  She called Eric too - Big brother - but he couldn't get off work.  So there we were in the living room, everyone with a phone on speaker to someone else.  Grandpa's, Uncles and Kyson when she opened it and read:

Dear Sister Beckstrand,
You have been called to serve in the Perth Australia Mission!

She goes to the Provo MTC and is speaking English which is exactly what she wanted.  She didn't want to learn a language because she wants to be able to start teaching right off and not have a language barrier.
She leaves March 13th.  Which isn't for awhile but works out well because it's our Spring Break!  We have a ton to do like get her passport ASAP! March seems like a while off but time will fly.  I hope we will be ready when it gets here.
She now has a Blog of her own that will follow her path to Perth and back.  
If you want to follow it it is

 Here is her pumpkin.  She finally carved it.

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Ashley said...

Love, love, love! She is going to be such a GREAT missionary!