Wednesday, May 15, 2013

David's 7th!

David turned 7 on the 9th.  He was excited to get a ukulele since Ben used his Birthday money and bought himself one and Sophie and Josh already have one.  He also got a Pooh Bear pillow pet from Sophie that she bought while we were in Disneyland and a Splash Mountain shirt and Disneyland towel we got for him after we road Splash Mountain and put him in the front so he got soaked.  He loved it.  He also got a hamster ball like his cousin Tyler got for his birthday in March.                               


 Then we went to PIRATE COVE for his birthday dinner!  It used to be Pirate Island Pizza but it was way to expensive and you could only go there on special occasions.  Now they're reopened with new owners, all the same interior and at half the price!

 Actually this time inside they have a Captain Jack Look-alike and a guy with a English pirate accent that goes around holding a bottle of rum and hands out tokens to kids.  He gave David 6 of them for his birthday after he made him say AARRGGHHH!

 They still had the arcades.  But they cut back on them and took out the fancy counting machines and now make the teenagers who hand out the prizes count them.  Which is why their prices have gone way down.  I may want to go there for my birthday dinner.  It was a lot of fun.

For FHE we took the hamster ball down to Cox Park to play with it.  The Wells met us there since they live 100 yards from it.  Cox Park has the perfect little hill.  Just big enough to have fun but not too big that you throw up.

 Here is David headed down with a big push.

 Josh was inside this time.  That's why Joel was helping to push.



 This is how they brought the ball back up the hill.  This is George.


 It's tradition that the Shelton Aunts and Uncles send $5 to the kids for their birthdays to help them learn about the importance of paying tithing, saving money and spending money wisely.  Well, the day after his birthday the ice cream man drove into the neighborhood.  I was at the computer when he ran past me into his room and back out with his wallet as fast as he could.  I just smiled until I realized that he had a group of kids with him outside.  He had bought popsicles for everyone to SHARE.  Nice and smart.  He's a good kid.

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Jillyn said...

Looks like fun...and yes, he is a good kid. Interesting how these kids choose to spend their money. Thanks for posting. I love seeing what everyone is up to. Love your family.