Monday, May 6, 2013


This weekend started out on Friday night with an IronKids 1 mile run.  It was super fun.  My kids and George and Evan ran it and Tavien Cluff and Kalo and Lina were there too.  It was so cute to see them all decked out it their Ironkids shirts and numbers.  They started at the St. George Library and went around the City Center and through the Ironman finish line.  They thought it was really cool.  They even received nice medals!  

Bright and ugly the next morning I took Joel to the buses to drop him and his bags off to head out to the lake.

When he got off the bus this was the GORGEOUS sight that he was met with.  7 of our favorite people.  I have no doubt that if Shayne were still here she'd be right in between Chase and Zack.

Here's Joel getting his wetsuit on.

Joel after the swim with his wetsuit off.

His swim time was only 52 minutes!  8 minutes faster than he had planned.

Here he was leaving on his bike.  Still a good chunk of people behind him.  I'm sure it was John who talked him into those arm thingys.  I don't think he needed them to help stay warm.  It was a super hot day.

We had 6 soccer games planned for today and needed to see Joel somewhere in between so we went up to Hurricane to catch him at the first bike aide station since he wouldn't be down to Washington before David's championship game started.  So we stood up there for about an 45 minutes when we saw Kyle stop and give his family hugs and kisses, get a drink, take pictures and then he was off.  He was there for about 30 seconds total.  But his family was so excited to see him.

We waited around for 15 more minutes for Joel and then had to leave.  So we started walking down the street and JoEllen yelled to us and we looked back right as he passed by and waved.  That was it.  No picture. No nothin'.  So we got in the car and went to the game.  We did get to drive by him long enough to snap these 2 shots to prove we were being supportive.



Sloan was here watching with his girlfriend's family and he was able to see Joel's transition from Bike to Run.  He took this picture of Joel flexing with is phone and sent it to me.

Kalo's husband Josh was sitting outside of their house with his hose spraying the runners as they went by.  Joel loved it.  He was so glad to see familiar faces to cheer him on.  He had 2 miles left to go.

Here he is on Main St. at the round about with only yards to go.  That's John and Brian in the background.  All the kids were lined up to high five him as he ran by.

I think he was a little excited.


Dad, Jared and Brian there to tell him congrats.

Then the celebratory IV by me and Ironman Cookie made by Leighton Ipson.  The two best things needed for a good full recovery.   Thanks to everyone who supported Joel through his journey.  
We now have a really nice bike or sale.  Anyone need one?

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Stradling4Eternity said...

I love it all!! Congrats Joel!:) -Kalo