Sunday, May 19, 2013


 Soccer this year was so much fun.  Everyone did such an amazing job.  We had 4 different Saturdays where all 4 kids scored points for their teams.  Sophie usually scored at least once a game.  In her Semi-final game they won 4-1 and she scored twice and in her final game, where they won 2-0 she scored both of those points!  She actually scored 3 points but she was off-sides on one of them so they called it back.  It is usually Brianna Esplin and Sophie who score.  We love Brianna.  Here is a picture of the two of them together.  They would always go to practice once during the week with the team and then have their own practice at least one other time and they would stay there for 3+ hours if we'd let them.  I thought it was just to hang out with the boys but practicing with the boys made them really good soccer players.     They are Goof Balls!

Ok, what can I say about Josh?  He scored in half of his games.  But his team NEVER won.  Not a single game.  Here's the awesome part.  There were more people at his games watching than any other game.  If someone had a game before him they'd stay and watch his or if they had a game after, they'd come early to watch his first.  He had a team of wonderful misfits that were there to have fun and enjoy themselves. They made the games fun for the other team too and everyone loved to play against them because they knew it was going to played like it should be, without yelling, without pushing, without bad talking or bad sportsmanship in any kind.  I think this team made the entire season fun for everyone.  We actually tied twice and ended up having to have 2 kickoffs which of course we lost, however, we felt like it was a win to get that far and we counted them.  It was so much fun to see these young men smiling and enjoying life.  That is how everyday should be.  It makes me sad to see kids that don't smile.  I'm glad mine do.



 Ben's Coach loved and hated to put him as goalie.  Hated to because he and Danielson were the only ones who consistently scored each game as forwards, but loved that Ben could drop kick a ball from one goal clear down to the other. Once he almost made a goal as goalie!  Here is the highlight of the whole season for Ben:
I'll set it up for you...tied game at the end of regulation time.  Kick off ensues.  Our 5 kickers go first and Ben is chosen to be one of them.  Then Ben steps in to be our goalie.  He only needs to block 2 to win.

That made his #1 best moment in life.  No Christmas, Birthday or even Disneyland can compare with that moment when he, himself, did it all by himself with EVERYONE watching.  I was so impressed with him.  If you know him at all you know that usually he wouldn't even put himself in this kind of situation to fail or to let others down.  So I was very proud of him. 

David had an incredible soccer year.  He scored at in every game except one and he has the best footwork of all 4 of my kids.  David's team tied in 2 games this season.  Both to our old Coral Canyon Ward.  So each time they had a kick off to determine the winner.  The first time during the season the other team won by one.  Our only loss of the season.  Then in the finals we played them again and we tied 1 to 1.  Our friends, Clay and Julie AhQuin's little boy Keave' was their goalie and David kicked it right past him.  Then David was chosen to be our goalie and he blocked 2 out of the 4 and Keave' was their last kicker.  If David blocked it they won.  If he missed then we started over again.  He had the block of the Century!  His team not only won but took 1st place in the league!  It was awesome!

Soccer is the longest season and seems like it goes on forever because all 4 of my kids do it.  Every Saturday we either missed something going on or had to run to something in between games. The IronMan was one of those things.  The Scout Expo was another.  Ben's car made it in the most unique category from our ward and so we hurried down to the Dixie Center and entered his car, walked around and looked at all the cool exhibits and made bird houses.  JoEllen is over the Scouts for our REGION!  So she was there all day long.  She will be blessed in heaven for the awful job.  So, we took her kids back to the soccer games with us so they didn't have to stay there all day.  But we had fun.  I am grateful when soccer comes around because my kids love it and have fun.  But, I am grateful when it ends so we can relax and get our lives back and do one thing at a time instead of everything all at once.  Great job everyone!

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