Sunday, May 5, 2013

Joel's Dream Come True

Our dear friend Vince gave Joel the best birthday present ever.  A trip to LA to see a LAKERS game.  The Beckstrands have been Lakers fans since Joel's dad Mike tried out for the team back in1967.  They bleed purple and yellow.  Well, Vince's uncle has season passes on row 8 so he got 4 tickets so he and Joel and Brian and John could all go.  That in it's self would have been enough top make it to his top 10 list of best things in life.  But it didn't stop there...

 They arrived really early and while they were getting souvenir ticket stubs a lady came over to them and asked Joel and Brian if they wanted to do the Half-Time Shootout!  Seriously!  He thought he had died and gone to Heaven.  They met back up with the lady right before the 2nd quarter and she took them down through the tunnel and out on the floor to watch the rest of the game before half-time.  He couldn't believe it.  Then as soon as the players where escorted off, they were escorted on.  They had 18 seconds to shoot as many 3 pointers as they could.  Brian went down to the other basket and ended up winning 5 to 4.  Joel said that the only thing going through his mind was, "Please don't miss it, please don't miss it."  Brian got a bag full of Laker swag and they all had a night to remember.  Joel said it was his best birthday ever.  I don't plan on even trying to top that one. 

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