Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day

I love Memorial Day.  I always have.  I love going to visit the gravesites of loved ones gone one to better places.  But down here we have no one to visit except Scott.  Joel's family is buried all over from Long Beach to Malad and all of mine is in Utah county.  So it has now turned into a day to reflect on memories of those who are gone and B-B-Q's that are needed to go to.

We first headed up to Pine Valley to play with the Wells'.  We got to play Phase 10 without the kids around because Jillyn and Randy took the kids Geocaching!  Kyle was mad that he was loosing and refused to look at the camera.  Mason was kickin' our trash.  James is in the background holding cute little Molly.  Look at Sophie trying to totally cheat and look at JoEllen's cards.  Hahaha!

 When they got back we decided to go up Mark and Marian's and let the kids do the Zipline and play some Pickle Ball.   JoEllen and Sophie thought they were pretty good.

 Evan and David WERE pretty good.

Then the Zipline!  Josh or George helped the kids get on the seats and then off they went.  At the bottom were old tires to stop you but if you were going really fast (the heavier you were the faster you went) then you hit them pretty hard and flew up pretty high.   The older kids had to duck their heads too so they didn't hit them on the posts.

 David and Emily

Sophie and Maycee

 Sophie and Josh

 Here is Sophie giving Josh and George High 5's.  It didn't work out very well.

Then to get the seats back up the hill Joel would help the little kids off the seats and then throw the rope hanging from the seat.  This time Joel and Sophie hauled Josh and George back up the hill and let them go.

We had a great time like we always do in Pine Valley with the Wells' but we had to leave early get get to a farewell B-B-Q for Vince.  Vince is now the head football coach for Westlake High School out at Saratoga Springs.  We are super excited for him but are going to miss him terribly.  We are going to have one more person to visit the next time we go up north.

 Kai and David were using "The Force" to control the water fountain.

 Alex and Ben knew exactly were to stand so they didn't ever get wet.

After we said our goodbyes to Vince and his family we came home to the neighborhood get-together were Joel and Daniel played basketball with 9 little kids and 2 little girls attached to Joel's legs.

 Then it got dark so we sat down and Ray got out his firepit and we let the kids roast some marshmallows.

 Ben is and always has been the KING of the roasted mallow.  He does a fantastic job!

We are so blessed to have such great family and friends.  I don't know where we'd be without them.

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Ashley Shelton said...

That looks like so much fun! But what the heck is pickle ball??