Sunday, August 25, 2013

Alyssa Eileen Bull

Welcome the latest edition to the Beckstrand Family.  Alyssa Eileen Bull born 8/15/13 6lbs 14oz 20in long.

Kellie and Garrett have been trying to get pregnant for quite a few years now and have had no success.  Kellie was in the hospital a couple months ago with a ruptured cyst on her ovaries.  They decided, after much prayer and fasting that adoption was the way to go.  Garrett was adopted  when he was a baby through a closed personal adoption and everything has been great so that is the path they Kellie and Garret chose as well.  They didn't feel like LDS Social Services was for them.  So they started putting out a portfolio to everyone and word of mouth started going around.  They had one birth mom that had narrowed it down to them or another couple so they felt like if they were chosen then it was supposed to be but if they weren't then is wasn't.  And it became a waiting game.  While they waited they just happened to come down  to St. George to visit during the hot summer and went over to Uncle Larry and Aunt Boydine to go swimming.  Aunt Boydine asked what Kellie was up to and Kellie told her.  Well it just so happened that Aunt Boydine knew of someone who was considering placing their unborn baby up for adoption.  Seems she thought she would marry the father but it didn't work out after all.  So Aunt Boydine made a call to see if they'd be interested to meet Kellie and Garrett and see what they thought.  Before they knew it they had traveled to met with this young lady and had a great feeling when they left.  Again it came down to them and another couple.  This young lady and the other couple were however going through LDS Social Services.  So it was another waiting game.  But now it looked like a better chance at getting a baby because they had two possibilities.  But again they knew that it wasn't up to them and that they were to go about their lives and not to worry about what may or may not happen.  While they were here for Family Reunion they found out that the first girl had decided to take the other couple and the day they got home and unpacked they got a phone call telling them that the 2nd young lady had gone into labor and had chosen them to raise her baby.  So they repacked and got back in the car and drove off for another long trip.    A couple days later, after Alyssa was released from the hospital Kellie and Garrett where able to bring her home.  It is weird to have our family grow by 2 babies since Shayne's been out and no one's been pregnant!   She'll be a year old by the time Shayne see's her.  We are very blessed.  I know Kellie and Garret will be great parents.

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