Sunday, August 18, 2013

Beckstrand Reunion Part 2

Thursday Deb, Lance and the girls came into town.  Bryce had to stay behind for football camp and Austin had just entered the MTC the day before so neither of them came.  Thursday night we went to the temple and then went out to eat.  It was great to be able to see everyone.  Friday afternoon we traveled up to Enterprise.  We played games for the first couple hours which included throwing people in the Eskimo blanket and then had lunch.  After that we had a talent show.  It was a mix of funny and serious talents.  It was fun to watch.  This first picture is what we got in the van on the way up to Enterprise.

We played Do You Love Your Neighbor and Mingle.  Below are the Mingle pics.

Then we went outside for more fun.  These are of the Eskimo blanket.  I took pictures of everyone so if yours didn't show up on here then let me know and I'll email it to you.  Here are Kai and Luke.

and Megan and Matthew

Haven and Ben

Treasure and Mary

and Katie and Timmie.  Everyone loved it.

They had a tug of war and a bucket pull game where you try to pull the other person off the bucket.  
Here are David and Cassidy.
  Alex and Taye.  You could tell by the crowd of people that this was a popular game.  The kids loved it.  Apparently Alex played it at his last scout campout.

Then we ate dinner and went back inside to start the talent show.  We started out with Elmer and Ina's kids - Marc filled in for Uncle Dale - singing a song that Grandma sang to them when they were little.  Then they each introduced their families and then did whatever talent they wanted to. 

First Aunt Eloha's kids where represented by the Holloway's.  They did a great family song that gave a little update on each of them.  Here's a funny side note.  Blake, the bald one third from the right, married Josh Scott's cousin.  So that kinda makes us related to Josh and Jalee!

They have the cutest kids!!!

Next was Marc's family and they all sang and song together and I was enjoying it so much that I forgot to take a picture until it was over.  But luckily Luke played the piano after and I got a picture of him.  
He did an amazing job. 

Then it was Aunt Carol Nan's family's turn and that meant the Hess's.  Which meant more cute kids!  Taylor played the piano for them as they sang some primary songs.  It was adorable.
Next in line is Uncle Dennis and Angela represented the family by doing a ballet dance.  It was beautiful.

Last but not least was us.  10 kids...lots of talents.  1st - Jacob = playing and singing the piano like a pro!
2nd - Ash = Basketball handling skills.  It was sweet.
3rd - Sophie and David = Sophie played Soul Sister on her Ukulele while he sang...kinda.  He sang the chorus like a champ but the verses where another story.  After it was over he wanted to know if he won.  I told him he did so if he ever asks you you'll know what to say. ;)
4th Josh = Riding his unicycle.
5th Chase = playing the paino.  A piece she taught herself from YouTube.
6th Emma = Played the piano.  It was a beautiful church arrangement.
7th Hailey and Erica = a Rap about their families.  It was super creative and a surprise to everyone including their parents.
8th Stephen did some mad basketball spinning and juggling
9th James = Danced like a champ!
10th Daniel = well, Daniel cheated.  He brought Heather Oram and had her sing.
Then for the grand finale Grandpa played Bumble Boogie to show everyone where this amazing amount of piano talent all came from.

 Next year I say we make one of them play the piano and make all the little kids sing a song together like the other families.  That way we get to see all the cute little kids.
It was a great day.  Day One Done.

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