Sunday, August 25, 2013

Family Pictures

 While we still had Stephen and Debra's families in town we decided that we had better do some family pictures.  We hadn't really done one for years.  In this picture we are only missing the three missionaries - Shayne, Jaden and Austin - and Pat and Bryce.  Those first 3 don't really count so we were only missing 2.  One to work and the other to football camp.  That's not bad for a family that size.  In fact it's AWESOME! 

I thought about zooming in closer on this picture but half of us have our eyes closed so this is as good as it gets.  From a distance we all look great!

 Mike and Elaine and the crew.

I wasn't paying enough attention to get a picture of every family.  I thought I heard someone say that they would make a copy of all of the pictures on a hard drive for Mom and Dad so I stopped taking pictures after Stephen.  I stole Holly's picture's off of her Facebook page.  Same with Daniel and James.  Thanks guys!

This is Kaleah.  She is the newest member of the Beckstrand family but not the youngest.  The youngest would be her new best friend Hannah sitting next to her crying.  Younger by 20 days.  Kaleah was adopted by Holly and Brian through the state when one of the girls that they had in foster care, awhile ago, delivered her.  After trying to raise Kaleah by herself she told Holly that she wanted her and Brian to raise her.  What is amazing is that she looks just like Baylee.  It's crazy.  She fits in just like she was always meant to be there and the boys absolutely love her.

Every time the Beckstrand boys are together they have to get an oldest to youngest picture. 

This is a very stolen very handsome picture.

Here are our 4 teenage girls!  Sophie, Ashley, Emma and Chase.  Aren't they GORGEOUS!

Oh Brothers!  You can click on this picture to make it bigger but you probably shouldn't waste your time. ;)

This bunch started almost 45 years ago.  That is a lot of years of a lot of fun!

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