Saturday, August 24, 2013

Beckstrand Reunion Part 3

Saturday consisted of an early morning basketball game with all of the guys and Ashley.  Joel and Brian drove up on Joel's motorcycle so we didn't have to wake up early.  They had a great time in the Enterprise High School gym thanks to Brian Phelps who teaches and coaches there.  The rest of us came up around 10 and the adults had a great devotional while the teenagers took the little kids into the primary room to do crafts.  Afterwards we had a huge lunch and then played around for a couple more hours then slowly everyone went home.  Josh brought his unicycle back up for people to try and Chad, Connor, Matthew and Ashley all gave it a good try.



Joel gave some motorcycle rides.  This is Chase.
Here are some pictures of everyone trying to climb up the rope we had hanging from the tree.  The shots aren't very flattering but we have some very talented climbers in the family.  Here are Baylee and Rylan Holloway.  For most of the little kids Brian just held onto the rope and let the kids climb him.

 Here are Stephen and Kyle.  Kyle had the second fastest time.  Brian could get up in 6 seconds and Kyle did it in 8.  Speed demons.

Holly and Katie climbed it too.  The women can't be shown up.  We actually had more little girls than boy climb it too.

 Timmy and Treasure could almost beat Kyle's time.  They are FAST!  So we made them race each other to see which one was actually faster and Timmy was barely.  By doing that it sparked the idea of one person climbing 2 ropes at the same time and the following pictures are what we ended up with.

 John and Brian

 Alex and David

 Luke and Mary

 Ben and Hailey

 Matthew and his daughter decided to give it a try too.  I think she got higher than he did.

 Otto was just fine hanging out watching the whole thing as long as he had a glove and a ball to hold on to.

 Then we ended the reunion with a water balloon toss.  The trick was to see if you could catch one without making it pop.  It never happened. If you look close you can see the splash coming out of Matthews fingers.

 It was a blast!  I can hardly wait until next year.  It's always so good to see cousins you haven't seen in awhile.  Catch up,  make new memories and enjoy yourselves.   See you next year!

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