Friday, December 9, 2011

Another race!

This time the Beckstrand Boys did the St. George Expedition. They wanted to beat their Lake 2 Lake relay time which was 7:07. They destroyed it with a 6:12! Joel started the first leg.
Then he passed off to Dad.

Then all the boys ran and I went home to get ready and do some errands. Then we caught back up with them when Dad passed off to Joel.

The boys ran with him past Staheli Farm.

Then Joel passes off to James who passed to John.

Who passed to Brian to finish the race.

I'm glad they all enjoy running. They never get hurt or get kicked out for poor sportsmanship and afterwards they talk about it for hours but it's all happy and positive. I LOVE it!

This time Kristal and Holly ran on an all girls team together. They did a great job too.

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