Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Here is my Pine View Christmas tree (tribute to Shayne) with my Jack Skelington ornament that I got for myself at Disneyland. Joel's new suit is hanging next to it.

This has been the funnest Christmas since last Christmas! I loved that it was on a Sunday. Christmas Eve we went to Brian & Holly's house for dinner and to do the 2 traditions that the Beckstrands have.
#1 Re-intact the nativity with the little kids. I was in charge this year so we had the 2 youngest (Bailee & Luke) be Mary & Joseph. They were darling. Josh and Alex were Shepherds, Ben David and Kai were the Wisemen and Joel read the story out of the Bible. It was awesome but I didn't get any picture's of it. Hopefully I'll get some from someone who did.
#2 Elaine reads "Cajun Christmas". It's "The Night Before Christmas" with a Cajun twist. She even does the accent which everyone loves!

Then we left and drove around to see the lights and then came home to open new pj's from my folks and read more Christmas stories until the kids fell asleep. On the way home we asked the kids how we should do Christmas because we had church at 9am. Santa gave us our incredible trip to Disneyland so all he was coming to our house for was to fill our stockings. So we didn't need to worry about opening Santa gifts. David came up with the great idea of just doing stockings before church and then coming back to unwrap everything else. Everyone agreed and when we woke up the next morning at 7:15 Ben & David were already dressed in their church clothes and ready to go. It was a Christmas miracle!

After church we got back into our pj's and opened all the Disneyland gifts.

The girls got Eeyore Pillow Pets.

Josh and Joel got Chewbaca and Yoda backpacks and the boys got to build their own light saber in Disneyland then wrap them up when they got home and gave them to each other.

We had so much fun remembering everything we did in Disneyland.

Later that afternoon we went over to Mike & Elaine's for brunch and to watch home movies. Then we went to JoEllen's to see what they got and came home. It was a full day and was great fun. I love that it started with church. It got my boys started off right. No fighting or yelling and just being calm. I wish we could do that every year!

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