Monday, December 12, 2011


We were lucky enough to head to California last week as a family to visit Joel's old stomping grounds, Brad & Ashley and go to Disneyland. Well, here is the first part if that.
This is the house that Joel grew up in on Hackett in Long Beach.

This is Michael's favorite street in the world. It is gorgeous in the summer. It's a tunnel of trees.

Here is the alley where Elaine had a garden that is now all cement.

This is apparently the El Camino that has been in the neighbors drive way for 30+ years.

Here is the ball field that Jared hit a home run out into the busy street nearby.

Kinda fun seeing Joel as a Bishop in front of the church he grew up in when his Dad was his Bishop.

Here is Joel's Elementary School Patrick Henry. We drove by DeMille Jr. High but it had been torn down.

It was a great start to an even greater trip!

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