Monday, December 12, 2011

Disneyland - California day 2!

So day 2 we headed off to Disneyland. It was AWESOME! Brad was able to walk right in everyday with Shayne, Sophie and Josh for free! He ended up saving us $835 in tickets alone. Not to mention that we stayed at his house = $400 for a hotel and discount on all the Christmas presents we bought which was easily a savings of $100. Without Brad this trip would not have happened. We dedicate the entire trip to him and Ashley who put up all 7 of us in her home while she was trying to study for finals. Thanks you guys!!!

We have never been to the park during Christmas and it was deck out in decorations!

Here are Santa's Reindeer! The big man was there too but the line was longer than any ride.

Pluto was our first character. We didn't see many because the lines were so incredibly short for the rides that we kept running from one to the next.

This Shayne eating a Funnel Cake! It was so good!

Now onto the rides. I took 285 pictures so I am skipping around and if you want to see all of my pictures you'll have to come over and look at the book I had made up of them.

The park closed at 9 and we stayed until the last minute. So Much Fun!

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jaleegirl said...

Only 285 pics. That's weak.