Friday, December 23, 2011

Ugly Sweater Party!

We had a Christmas Party. My first ever!

We have never lived in a place where we were able to actually have friends that we got to hang out with. For 20 years I've been waiting until Joel and I had friends outside of the family that we could invite over to play games and have fun with. Well, it's a Christmas miracle! We have 3 other couples in our ward who have been able to tolerate us long enough to get to know us and love us for who we are.

So, I took on the Christmas party. NEVER been done before and I think it went pretty well. Everyone wore an ugly sweater and we had a potluck dinner with all of the kids (14). Then we played Take Two. It's a speed scrabble kind of game and had a excellent visit from Santa!! He's the best! He had a present for each kid and they got to unwrap them and play with them while the adults played Candy Bar Bingo. It was so much fun. I really needed that night. After everyone went home and we went to bed I wanted to cry I was so happy. 20 years! It took 20 years but it was truly worth it. Thanks so much guys!


jaleegirl said...

Um, really we are not that special. But we love you tremendously! Thanks so much for putting up with US!

Dan and Katie said...

My heck- I got teary eyed!!! And, you guys are not hard to tolerate- maybe a little strange, but not hard to tolerate ;). Thank you for having us over and seriously going out of your way to make a great Christmas party for every one, including the kids. It was so fun!! It should be annual........