Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 4!

Today we started in Disneyland and ended at California Adventure. It was so much fun! We took the train over to It's A Small World and Toon Town since we didn't do them the first day.

Then we went to the Matterhorn Jungle Cruise and Pirates. All of which were closed the down the first day so we were glad to get to go on them. Then we ran into Tigger!

By that time we were all hungry and went to Tomorrow Land were we sat down to eat by the stage. Just as we were finishing the Jr. Jedi fighting Program was starting. David got picked to go up and be a part of it. It was awesome. He was the third kid to fight Darth Vadar. He did a great job. When they finished they all got certificates saying that they completed their Jedi Training and he said, "Look my own paper!" It was great.

Then we hit Pixie Hollow to see Silvermist and Iridessa and on our way out of Disneyland we saw Geppetto.

The we ventured over to California Adventure where we split up and the girls went to Tower of Terror and the boys went to Goofy's Flying school. We were able to go on tower 4 times before we needed to catch up with the boys. There weren't any kind of lines at all. It was great! Sophie and Shayne became friends with the creepy bellhop named David. Here are our photos:

Then we caught up with the boys and went on the Toy Story Mania Ride. It was so cute. It had the longest line out of all the rides. Shayne and the little boys got on in line while Josh, Sophie, Joel and I went and rode California Screamin'. It was a blast.

Then we ran over and got in line with them and 5 minutes later Brad caught up with us just in time to get on the ride. It was perfect timing. By the time we were done it was almost time for the World of Color to start so we watched it again and were truly amazed once again at how beautiful the whole thing was.

On the way out we stopped by Build-A-Bear because Sophie had saved a coupon and wanted to use it. What happened is she ended up buying on for Ben, David and herself.

At the end of everyday we'd go through the McDonald's drive through to get something to eat and every time we ended up with something close to this.

It was honestly the best vacation I think I've ever had. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity and we wouldn't have if it weren't for Brad and his amazing hard work and talent. THANKS BRAD!

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