Friday, December 23, 2011

Aunt Jan's Annual Christmas Cookie Party

This is the best tradition we have. Everyone LOVES it. Especially JoEllen because she can showcase her one and only talent. Decorating Cookies.

Every year Jan buys trays or plates for people to take the cookies home on and it usually costs a lot of money so this year they came up with the idea to use medium sized pizza boxes from Dominoes that cost about .40 cents a piece and can hold exactly 10 cookies perfectly. Then they printed up this paper and put it on the top of each box so everyone could have their own.

It was amazing! We have 7 people so we ended up with 70 cookies! They are Paula's sugar cookie recipe and Jan's buttercream frosting recipe. That's amazing x2. Also calories x2. We always have the best time. Andy plays a little Bing Crosby and then puts on Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas (another family tradition). Thanks so much Jan and Andy for bringing the Christmas spirit every year. We Love you!

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JoEllen said...

RUDE! True but rude, and it is just because you are jealous!
It is the funnest tradition we have, I really do love that night!