Friday, August 29, 2014

1st Day of School!

The 20014-2015 School year has officially begun.  David is in third grade.  This is him doing number 3.

Ben's in 5th.  This is his version of a five and he loved Josh's backpack so much from last year that we had to buy him one for this year.
 Josh started 9th grade!  A FRESHMAN!!!  He almost missed the bus so I didn't get a picture of him on the first day of school so the next morning I made him get his dirty clothes back on so I could take this picture.  He was wearing some bright red Van's too.
 Sophie didn't need to be to school until noon and drove herself, so no fear of missing the bus.  She is showing off her eleven.  JR!  She is also showing off her SUPER cute Sophia the 1st backpack!

 David got Mrs. Horrocks for his teacher and we are excited for her.  She has been at Washington Elementary forever.  She's a great teacher.  And Ben got Mr Ivie.  Josh had him for 5th grade too and loved him.  Both of my girls had Mr. Jolley and loved him.  As soon as we took Ben in an told Mr. Ivie that Ben is a baseball pitcher, a small grin started to spread across his face until his whole face was lit up.  Now it's all they can talk about.  He is a perfect teacher for Ben.  Mr. Ivie is in charge of making sire the flag goes up and down everyday.  So he picks a few special boys to do it.  Ben was first on his list and he told the other boys that Ben was head of the group.  Ben is loving it.  I think it'll bring out the leader in him.  I love Mr. Ivie.  He's great.  He pushes his kids and the love him for it.  Awesome!  It's going to be a good year.

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