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 YEAH GIRLS CAMP!!!!  We love it!  We went up nice and early Wednesday morning and set up camp.  But instead of staying Joel and I had to go back home so that we could attend Sister Lusk's funeral.  It was very nice.  They 11th ward girls were not going up to camp until around 2 that afternoon, after the funeral was over.  Rachel and Sarah Lusk came up Thursday afternoon.  We were thinking about going back up to camp after but Elder Alex Jackson was flying home from his mission at 5:50pm.  So we stayed to welcome him home.  He looks great!  I love Alex.  He always waved to me when he passed our house on his way home.  I can't wait until next week to hear all of his adventures.  He set an amazing example to all of us and his family.  Thursday morning we were back up on the mountain just in time for flag ceremony.  Here is Joel and Jane putting up the canopy.  Sarah handed Jane a couple big rocks to have something to tie it down to.

 Jane sat in a puddle up on top of the barracks.  It didn't look good.  So of course we had to take a picture.

 The rest of us got other things set up like our flag and the other 2 smaller canopies.  While Katrice handed out shirts.  Our stake theme this year was "Mission Possible".  So our ward chose Nemo as our mascot because his whole life was a struggle to get back home to his father.  Just like our life on Earth is our mission to get back to our Father in Heaven.  It was super cute.  Our color this year was BLUE for Divine Nature.

Sophie's first objective at camp is to hang the hammock.  She slept in it last year.  This year we got too much rain, but it was nice to sit in when the sun was shining.

 These were our Secret Sister bags.  Joel had Cathy. I had Jen, again.  Sophie had Brooke.

We made these darling bags before we went so we'd have something to hold everything in.  This is our banner.  It was one of the best ones this year.  

 After we were all set up Sophie and Nikki came and gave us our YCL devotional.  It was fun to see her all grown up and being a Youth Leader.  Where does all the time go?  After this we left to go home.

We came back at 10am just in time for the Flag ceremony and our camp skit.  The girls made it up all by themselves and it was great!

 The rest of the day we spent in workshops put on by the stake.  We split up into years and Sophie was to help out with the 3rd years so we stayed with them.

 Cassey and Jessie are our only two 3rd years.

 But we waited around for the 4th years to trade us places and I took this great picture.  Lishell LOVES to have her picture taken.  Can you tell?  She wasn't very happy with me but I told her that if she doesn't smile then that's what her picture will look like.  If looks could kill she and Paige would be wanted in 5 states.  It's weird that the Lord keeps putting Lishell into my life.  Joel and I were her Primary teachers in the Coral Canyon Ward 10 years ago.  I remember when we first moved into this ward and I saw her in the blue house by the Robinson's and only saw her a few times then.  Now she's back and hopefully here forever.  Hopefully we are too.  We've both moved around so much that it's time to plant roots and stay in one place.  I'm so glad that the Gummows are in my life.  They are AWESOME!!!  I can tell that she really loves me deep down inside.

Here is Chauntel.  We're so glad that she moved into our stake so she could join us at camp.  This picture should have Biranna in it but she was still to sick to come up.

 This is another workshop about all of the YW values.  It was fun to see Jennifer join the girls.  It is a great way to bond with them.

Joel opted out of this one and chose a nap instead.  It was short lived because the girls found him and woke him up. 

After all the workshops we went back to our camp for another craft.  Joel, in thiis picture is putting his new beads on his necklace.

 Dakota got to sit in the hammock for a minute before the rain started.

It dumped really hard for about 15 minutes and then stopped.  Just enough to get everything wet and the canopy to fill up with water.  Jane and Paige tried to get it to drain out the ends instead of through the cracks on everyone. 

 We made bracelets and some earrings our of pop tabs.  Then Sarah DeMille got creative. She made earrings for Jen, Sarah and Sophie out of candy.

Animal cracker cat earrings.


 Sarah got gummie earrings.


We also made leather bracelets.  Sophie made one for me and Joel while we were gone.  They are really cool.  Here are Kaylee and Dakota doing another one.

 Here are Katrice and our 1st years passing off 1st Aide.  We almost forgot one of the main reason we were up there.  To certify and learn about how to survive in nature. 

 That night we had my favorite dessert...BANANA BOATS!  They were super yummy!

Here are some picture's of the barracks before we went to bed.  

This is Friday morning.  And our favorite cooks hard at work making Mountain Man Breakfast!  YUMMY!!!

 Then Sophie and Victoria came up for another YCL devotional.

Of course we did some hair!



This was our pathway to the amphitheater.   At our Friday morning flag ceremony they recognized all the leaders and gave them a little gift.  It was great to see our leaders up there.  This started out Ward day.  Ward day is the best because we get to have a couple lessons, do a couple crafts and play some games.

Another great meal!

 This is a Gummow dog pile.  Sister Gummow on top of Lishell calling everyone else to pile on.

Then the stake came by to take a group picture.  I love when they do that because that way everyone gets in the picture and no one is left out.  Gabby held this pose forever.  She's a doll.  We loved having her and Gwennie and Hunter with us.  They were so much fun.  Not an ounce of tears or drama out of any of them and the older girls just love them all.  We are excited for Gwennie to come to YW!
 We had a lot of fun crafts.  Joel joined in on every single one of them.  I think he loves this part of girls camp the best because he never gets to do it at home.

I just love ward day because we get to have our YCL's with us all day long. You can tell how excited Paige is.

 Here are our amazing cooks.  We ate like Queens!  It was all so delicious.  I want to go back up there just so they can cook for me again.  Thanks so much to Sarah DeMille and Cathy Monnett for all their hard work to keep us happy and full.  They are awesome!

This is Jen's lesson on how Satan wants us to keep bad thought's in our head and how he can control you and what you need to do to stop him.  It was great.  Just what we all needed.  Brother Howells, Katrice and Katie all did a great lessons but for some reason I didn't get my camera out until Jen said she needed someone to take a picture of her giving lesson.  Unfortunately her lesson was the last one of the day.  


Then it was my time!  Game time!  I was in charge of game.  Perfect!  We played Mingle, Dip Dip Dip and the sound game.  Everyone loved it.  This is my favorite part of camp because you need something fun to break up all the serious.  It helps give their brains a break and they can relax and bond with each other more.

 This was by far the best part of the day...

 Every year we have to take a hat picture.  Usually it's me and Shayne and it takes us 15 shots to get a good one.  Sophie is the QUEEN of selfies and sure enough this picture was taken with one click.  Pretty good.

 Later we got out our matching sun hats and Sarah photo bombed us.

Then more food!

 Sophie had worked all day on this flower wreath headband.  It turned out really cute.

Sophie, Leighton and Brianna painted this sign and it turned out darling.  Unfortunately Brianna got really sick and ended up not being able to come to girls camp at all.  So we took this picture for her.  I call it Sophie's I Wanna Be A Cowgirl picture. 

Victoria was in charge of making sure Natalie Scoresby's "Da Moose" stayed alive.  She did a pretty good job but no one can out do Natalie. 

The next song was the Jellyfish song and everyone loved the fact the the bishop did all the actions.  Everyone except the other bishops who were getting in trouble for not joining in.  It was great!

Jennifer Feltner is one of my all time favorite people.  She and I are a lot alike but she is such a strong person and has amazing patients.  She taught us all a new song with the actions.  It was super cute.  She made sure Joel got up and did them too.  

We had testimony meeting later that night, which everyone loves.  Then the three of us left to come home.  I can't wait until next year.  Hopefully we can stay the entire time.  Girls Camp is what gets me through until Christmas.  It gives me that extra spiritual boost that I need right in the middle of the summer.  I am so grateful that I can be a part of it. 

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