Sunday, August 17, 2014

Lowe's with thhe Wells kids

We had the Wells kids sleepover before school started and we woke up early, went to the Washington County Fair Parade to collect some candy and then headed over to Lowe's to make another fun project.   Here's Matty with her candy bag.  And here are the rock climbing jeeps that were driving on top of each other.  everyone thought they were really cool.

 Todays project was a trolley car from the movie Monster vs Aliens.  It was easy to put together except that you had to read the directions to know that you had to put the stickers on first.  Josh screwed up.  And half way through, he hit his thumb really hard.  So hard in fact that it started to bleed.  I don't think he'll loose the nail but it was pretty funny.










Then we went back to our house and there was so much candy that they decided not to eat it all but to make it into play dough instead and make different food with it.  It was funny and creative.


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