Sunday, August 10, 2014

JAG Tournaments

Summer time means JAG time.  JAG is short for Junior Associations of Golfers.  Every summer we pay $40 and Josh gets a year pass to all of the St. George City golf courses for $6 each and other discounts like a bucket of balls for the range for a buck.  They also do 6 tournaments throughout the summer for the kids and 4 parent/kid tournaments.  Last year Grandpa Beckstrand was able to be Josh's partner but this year they all fell on days he had to work.  So Joel stepped up and golfed with him.

Here was his first tournament by himself.  He did pretty well for not playing for all year.

I don't LOVE golf but I do love taking some gorgeous pictures of golf.

 Here was their first tournament together.  It was awesome.

I think Joel was more excited than Josh.  But Josh did a better job that Joel.

 Then Josh had another solo tournament.  He did pretty well on it and should be proud of himself.

Then they had another Father/sons tournament.  I think Joel had a great time just being out there with Josh.

Even if he had to look for an occasional ball every once in awhile.

 I told them to take a picture and this selfie is what they sent me so I had to go take some myself. 
 Much better!

Josh had PVHS golf tryouts last week at Coral Canyon Golf Course and didn't make the team because they only take 12 people.  It's really dumb.  BUT, he has always wanted to golf on that course and he got 3 days in for try-outs, so he was pretty happy with himself.  He had one more JAG tournament a couple days after that and he scored a 49 on the back 9 holes.  It was awesome!!!!  We were all very proud of him.  He's come a long way.  Keep up the good work Squash and you"ll be playing for a college soon enough. 

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