Friday, August 29, 2014

Cross Country

Josh has decided to be a runner!  He joined up with the PVHS Cross Country team during the summer and made some friends and is now running his little heart out.  Here he is at his very first ever High School Meet!  It was the Season Opener against Desert Hills.  We love Desert Hills.  Especially because the best girl on there team is our very own Laynee Jane Wells!!!  She kicks butt and is only a Sophomore!  Their team is lucky to have her.  It's fun to watch her run.  She's very graceful.  This race was a little different than the last one because it was a relay.  They mixed the kids all up so there were at least one slow kid on each team.  Josh was the fastest on his team.  He anchored his race.  He did a great job.  We are excited to see what other races they have together. 

 Shana, in the striped shirt, cheering on Laynee's last stretch of the race.

Layne won for the fastest girl in the last leg!  They started a new tradition where they put their name on this plate and pass it down every year.  She'll probably get it again her Jr. and Sr. years.  Great job guys!

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Jillyn said...

Thanks for the information. Good to know what the kids are doing and they are all doing good things. Great post...keep up the good work. Let me know when your missionary comes home.