Friday, August 29, 2014

SUU Cowboy Boxing 1991

I needed to put this on here just for myself.  So I have it for my family history.  This is a VHS version of my boxing match in college that I played on my TV and recorded with my phone.  My friend recorded this with his camcorder.  I was glad someone did.  It was a last minute decision on my part.  Well, I had about a week to get ready for it.  I practiced once.  I boxed this black girl names Kerri and everyone thought that she was going to kill me.  Well, my 1st place plaque and her taking home a whole lot of nothing said otherwise.  I had always just wanted to see what it was like to beat the crap out of someone.  I have to admit that when we were in high school my friends and I tried to pick fights with girls from other cities, that tried to cruise through our town looking for boys, just to see what would happen but nothing ever did.  So when this once in a life time opportunity came...I jumped on it.  Rumors started to fly the night it all happened.  Everyone was saying that I wasn't even going to show up.  So much so that my own brother and sister-in-law didn't even show up to watch it.  And even after I won people were saying that I had 2 black eyes.  Well, that was because I forgot to wear waterproof mascara and because the head gear was so hot I was sweating like a pig and it was running all over the place.  A lot of the girls I knew told me that I was kissing any chance I had with any guy goodbye because, "no guy would EVER go out with a girl who could beat them up".  That one I really was worried about.  I thought I might have just committed social suicide.  So the next day I wore the cutest dress I had and tried to say hi to as many people as possible.  I think it actually worked for the better.  I had a lot of guys come up and talk to me after that who wouldn't have before.  It was fun.  I think, in life, you should take the little opportunities that come your way.  Especially the fun ones that will never come back your way.  Why miss out?  Don't regret not trying something.  You may find a hidden talent.  But you'll never know if you don't at least try.


This second version of it was from the college TV crew.  I love the view.  The only problem it has is that since we were the last fight of the night  his battery was almost dead.  It kept jumping and it is really annoying.  But you can see the hits land from this position.  You can also see my friends Chris and Andre' who were in Kerri's corner.  I was kinda mad when I saw them coaching her.  I had some really nice cowboys, that I'd never met before, trying to give me some pointers.  It was fun.  Really fun.


Andy Shelton said...

Haha! Parker and I just watched your boxing video. Hilarious! I didn't know you did this. Good fight.

Jillyn said...

This was awesome...I bet your kids loved seeing it. Now they can say.."my mom can beat up your mom".