Wednesday, July 8, 2015

50 Miler 2015

At the last minute Josh decided to go on the 50 miler with the stake.  I had a bad feeling about it but I chalked it up to my HUGE dislike to the scouting program and dismissed it.  First thing that morning, at 6am when he was supposed to already be at the church, Josh remembered that he didn't get a scout physical and didn't get his permission slip signed because he wasn't planning on going.  That was the Lord saying, "Don't go!"  But, we didn't listen.  Joel grabbed the slip and started to fill it out and he woke me up and asked me to do the physical.  All night long I was having dreams that I was trying not to throw up because I was sick.  But when I got out of bed I realized that it wasn't a dream.  I ran to the bathroom and because I hadn't thrown any of it up during the night it had passed my stomach and made it's way further down and now only had one way to come out.  I was nauseous.  It took me forever to fill that stupid form out because I had to keep stopping and running to the bathroom.  As soon as I finished the paper Josh left.  24 hours later I felt better.  But then Wednesday we got a call first thing in the morning that Josh had thrown up on top of the mountain.  I got that sick feeling again.  Joel said that Daniel Cluff called him and told him but that Josh was "in good spirits".  In good spirits?  In good spirits!  What the crap does that mean!  Of course he's in good spirits.  Josh isn't one for being overly dramatic and crying in front of other people.  That doesn't mean that he doesn't feel good.  The mom came out in me and I knew that I should have listened to that spirit.  Mom's know things before they happen.  Then I felt so terribly bad for letting him go.  Joel said that Daniel would call us again at lunch and give us an update and that they weren't doing much hiking that day so not to worry.  So I worked the rest of the day assuming I'd get a call.  Every chance I could, I'd call every phone number I had of every person that was up on that mountain with those boys but no one answered.  At 4pm we left to Cedar for Ben's Little League game.  Right before it ended around 8pm my phone rang.  It was Josh and as soon as I asked him if he was alright he started to cry.  That was it.  I started to cry and I wanted out of there right then and there.  I told him that Joel was on his way.  Daniel had told Joel that he only threw up the one time and so he thought he was fine and not dehydrated.  Well, that was true EXCEPT the dehydrated part.  Josh had diarrhea all day long.  And how much fun was that to start it that early morning and only have a tree to hide behind and to hope that the 1 roll of TP that you brought was going to be enough to last you.  NO GOOD!  Not to mention that he was cold and soaking wet because it had been raining since they started 3 days earlier.  Joel got on the phone and talk to Josh and told him to go find Bishop Jackson and get a blessing and that he and Kyle would be there in the morning.    Then we left, called Kyle, went straight home to get Josh some clean, dry clothes and left.  We went to the Wells, Kyle and Joel drove up to the cabin and spent what was left of the night up there and then got up at 4:40 to start hiking up to find them.  At 8am they pulled into camp.  3hours and 20 minutes later.  That was flying!  The Lord was guiding them, that's for sure.  They found them, stayed for a minute and then headed back down.  It took them another 3:20.  When they came down they came straight to my work and I gave Josh an IV to try to get him dehydrated.   He didn't look to good but he did hike down on his own.  We were worried that he wouldn't be able to make it but he did.  Dr. LaRowe told me that he was sure that I had given Josh my stomach flu before he had left because there is a 24-48 hour incubation period before you get sick.  I felt even worse.  I was just glad to have him home.  I just wanted to hold him and keep him safe.  He said that it was fun before he got sick.  These are the pictures that he took.  On Tuesday, the evening before he got sick they made it to Signal Peak and we could see them flashing us with the big pieces of mirror that they have up there.  Heidi Gilmore got her bathroom mirror out and signaled them back.  It was really neat.  You can see it in the video.












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