Sunday, July 5, 2015

Beckstrand Family Reunion (July 4th day)

We had a great day in the hot sun playing a fun game of Beckstrand Kickball.  This was at a park right by Kellie and Garrett's house in Orem. 
Here's David kicking and then getting some pointers from Joel on first base.
Joel kicking and then rounding third while Brian wonders what happened.

Grandpa and then Sophie kicking.

Sophie and Joel coaching her on first.  The second one is of Shayne pitching.  All three in the same picture!
 My view from under a tree in the shade.
The innings changed and here is Shayne kicking.
Ben kicking and running to third where Lance almost got him out.  It was pretty funny.
Josh kicking.

Kristal, Deb and Holly all running for the ball.
We ended the game, took a break, and just then Jared's family showed up so we had to start a new game.

Joel and Brian checked the ball out to make sure it was inflated enough.  I just want to add right here how incredibly awesome Joel's beard is!  We were getting ready for our Youth Conference Pioneer Trek and it was coming along nicely!!!

New game started and Jared was up first.
This is Ben trying to steal a base.  He always had to slide into the next base.
Here's Shayne trying to stop the ball with her foot.  She wasn't trying to kick it, just stop it.  It didn't work.
Garrett always wanted to run the ball in from outfield.  I guess he can run faster than he can throw.
Ben in the outfield being scored on by David and Mary!
Everyone huddled in the shade.
Joel getting Kristal out and Josh up to kick again.
Game over!  Everyone's a winner.  We sat around for a minute to decide what to do next and we chose an air conditioned movie theater.  Then we met back up at Kellie and Garrett's for a B-B-Q.
Us walking off in our matching, awesome shirts from the race that morning!

Dinner was awesome!  Lots of food, family and fun!  Daniel even showed up.
Jacob played the piano and sang for us.  It was amazing.
Lance is the grill king!

Shayne by Austin and his new bride Mallory.
Another great reunion in the books.  Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make it memorable.

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