Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Josh's Braces

Just when I though we'd have at least one child NOT in braces, WISDOM TEETH come in and ruin everything.  Josh's bottom wisdom teeth came in and shoved his bottom teeth together like two trains had a head on collision.  His teeth ware a lot like mine.  The tops were perfect and the bottoms were a little shifted.  But now they are all sorts of messed up.  You can see his top wisdom teeth in this x-ray.  They need to come out soon too.
So back to our wonderful Dr. Wayne J. Christian we go.  They keep a tab open for us there.  As we pulled up Josh let out a huge sigh and mumbled something to the effect that out of the hundreds of times he's been here it's never been for him.  He wasn't happy.  But Mason had pulled his bottom two wisdom teeth out and now was the perfect time to hurry and do it so there was room for them to go into.  Here are his wisdom teeth.  They had a big chunk of gum still attached.

Here is the cute sign that welcomed Josh in to get his braces on.  The ladies there are awesome.

 He sat down in the chair and Dr. Christian came over and gave him a cleaning and then April got to work.

Here he is ladies and gentlemen...for the next 12 month.  Ta-Dah!  Not bad.  Not bad at all. He needs a haircut.

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