Saturday, July 11, 2015

Home Meet and Pine Valley Fun

This is our last home meet.  Here's Emily's relay.
Ben's relay with everyone cheering him on.
Kyle even showed up for this one.
Sophie was dead.
 Kyle gave Evan a fist bump after his race.
Sophie getting advise from the coach.
Grandma and Grandpa Beckstrand showed up.  That's always fun for the kids.  I was standing over by David when I took the picture and he asked me if I took the picture of him.  I said no because I didn't realize that I had zoomed past him.  So I took another one.  That made him happy.
Then he got up to race.
Here's Evan's backstroke.
Sophie's Breaststroke.
George's IM with Kyle cheering him on.

Here's Kamarie trying to swim at her first swim meet.  Kashton is the nicest kid.  What's crazy is that I know I have this exact same photo with Kyson and Kari from 4 years ago.  It was our first meet ever as a Narwhals Swim Team and I remember it being as sweet as this one is today.
Here's Kari giving her sister a hug.
And Danette so incredibly happy and proud.
David and Evan swimming right next to each other.  It was so close that nobody dared say who won.
One of David's starts

Here's one of Ben's starts.  He's wearing the white cap.

And here we are packing up and leaving as fast as we could get out of there so we can go to Pine Valley!!!

Hey look!  It's me!  I gave my camera to Emily and told her to take some pictures so I could play.
We bought these for Joel for Father's Day and had James draw on them for us.  They are smaller than the official Corn Hole boards but they are still fun.

Self Photo.
Then we ate lunch and JoEllen played some Disney songs on her Cello for us.  She's getting really good at it.
After that we played crochet and a new game that D.J. (JoEllen's neighbor) brought up called KUB.  It was really fun.  The kids liked it so much that we bought one for Christmas.


Then we got started on moving the fire pit.  Apparently it was to close to the weeds.

We even had some railroad ties to make a bench.  It turned out AWESOME!  So we christened it.

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