Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Kanarra Falls Hike & the 24th with BrAshley

So the day started off with the annual 24th of July P-Raid.  Many moons ago Jan started a Kazoo band in the 8th ward Primary.  Well the tradition has stayed with that ward and when I saw them coming down the street I just knew I had to honor my sister and take a picture of this banner.  The kids didn't walk this year.  They were on a float but were still blowing those Kazoo's for all they were worth.  It was awesome!
 Every ward was supposed to have 2 entries.  Usually it was the primary kids on a float of some kind, the bishoprics in the back of a convertible or the youth doing something.  Well our youth were over getting their BINGO booth set up in the park for the carnival afterwards so they weren't going to be in the parade and our kind bishop only had a weeks notice that the parade was still going to go on so he didn't make our nice Primary President stress out about doing anything.  So...our bishopric took over.  Chris was trying to get a convertible for them but I said, "No!  If you're going to be in the stinkin' thing then be yourself and ride your motorcycle!"  So they did.  They were a big hit.  This picture below was actually taken by the newspaper and put in the Days of 47 Parade article. 
 Chris Wilson, Joel and Dave Jackson.  Coolest bishopric around.

Right after that Sophie had to go to work and Josh was up in Lehi with the Wells'.  So, the rest of us took off to Kanarra Falls!  This was at the start of the hike where you have to start crossing the river.

 This little part looked so much like American Fork Canyon.  I just LOVED it!
 A huge tree had fallen and of course Ben had to climb it being the monkey that he is.
 It was so amazing to see all the green at one spot and then turn the corner and end up in the red slot canyons.  I  loved the GREEN!  
  Then we finally made it to the ladder to climb up to the waterfalls.
 We hiked a little further and you could tell the water was getting deeper.
Then we finally made it!  David and Ben both went down a bunch of time and Joel ended up going a couple.

 It was a nice cool day.  A cold front had moved in and with the breeze it was only around 80 degrees and with the boys soaking wet they were freezing!  So Ben found this big rock to dry off on.  It was a ways up there.  So here's a picture zoomed in first.
On the way back Shayne decided to do some rock climbing.  It wasn't a smart idea.  Easier to get up than to get down.  Kind of like a cat in a tree.

 Hiking back down the trail and climbing down the ladder.  It was a great day.  4 hour round trip.  Memories that will last a lifetime.

 Later that night we met up with the Shelton's at the Washington Community Center's Big Bash and Firework Show! We were glad that Brad and Ashley were around this year so we didn't have to do it by ourselves since the Wells Family were still up north.   Henry of course was the highlight. 

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