Friday, July 3, 2015


We started out the day at Lagoon-a-beach.
  We rented a couple tubes and had a great time.  These pictures were taken by everyone else because they all got there right when it opened and swam then.  We got there a couple hours later and still had plenty of time to swim and ride rides.
 After swimming the big kids took off to do their own thing and Joel and I took the little boys and ran around for awhile.

 Then we caught up to the cousins and went on a couple rides with them.  I don't remember the name of this ride but I do remember that it broke Lance's glasses.  LOL!
 We found our big kids at the Music Ride.  Josh of course got talked into sitting on the outside and got smashed.  After that everyone met up at the Spider ride.

 The decorations were awesome!

We went back over to the other side of the park via the Sky Ride.

Everyone wore their Team Beckstrand Ninja Warrior shirt.  Here are the kids getting on the Bat ride.  It was exactly 60 seconds long.  I timed it.
 Joel got suckered into going on the Wild Mouse.  He wasn't happy.  I absolutely HATE that ride!
 Grandma and Allysa taking a break.  Then Allysa and Baylee driving around.

 Above is a big chunk of us.  Below is us going on the last ride of the night, the Boomerang!  I love this ride.  It's like the Tower of Terror!
We had a great time and it was a fun way to start off the Beckstrand family reunion.  Can't wait until tomorrow!  So much fun with the people you love.

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